5 Signs That Indicate Your Tree is Sick

Have you noticed a few things on your trees that make them look like they are sick? There are many signs trees display when they are diseased or when they are being consumed by pests. The following are five of the most important signs your trees will give off when they are in need of help from your local arborist. Do a visual inspection from the roots up and look for:

1. Root Decay

If the roots are severed or there are mushrooms growing around them, this is a sign that there is a problem. If the ground around the roots has lifted this is another indication that something is wrong.

2. Loose Bark

Examine the collar of the root. Is the bark loose or peeling? If there are deep slits in the tree this is a warning sign the tree is sick.

3. Trunk Holes

If the trunk of the tree has holes, cavities or decaying wood, take note because this is a major sign of the tree’s suffering.

4. Branch Issues

Look up at the canopy where the top layers of branches and leaves are. Are there any branches that are bare, have lost their bark or are hanging low? Are there any weak looking branches that appear to be growing together, or is the canopy above excessively dark or thick?

5. Leaf Discolorations

Are the leaves discolored? If any of them are brown when it is not time for them to fall, this is a sign that the tree has a disease. If the leaves appear to be deformed or they are off-color, these are also sure signs that the tree has an issue. Do you have sick trees in Fort Worth?

Take note of anything that catches your attention. Contact your local arborist and schedule an appointment for them to inspect the tree and make a diagnosis. The consultation is free and provides you with the information you need to know whether your tree can be treated or whether it is dying and will need to be removed.

You will want to avoid taking any drastic measures until you get your arborist’s advice. A sick tree can be treated. You will not want to remove one that is unstable unless you have it looked at by an expert. Just because it is loose does not mean that the disease or pest causing the problem has killed it.

Sometimes an unstable tree is in need of being removed but check first with your local arborist. You do not want to assume that an unstable tree is dead or dying. It may be able to be treated.

Your trees make your yard as beautiful as it can be. They shade your home from the sun and provide you with a greater visual appeal from the inside out. They are also good for the environment.

Do a regular check of your trees to take note of any of the above five signs they give off when they need to be treated. You will help take better care of them and get to enjoy them longer by doing so.

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