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A red heart shaped tree at sunset.

Steps to Take for Healthy Tree Maintenance

You enjoy the beauty that your trees provide you with around your home. They also help beautify the environment and provide so much shade to your home that they help you save money on cooling costs. Your trees are important and you want to keep them healthy. The following steps will help you maintain their health.

The first step to keeping a tree healthy is watering it correctly. The next step to doing this properly is to know what kinds of trees you have. Some may need regular rainfall to thrive. Other trees that are drought-tolerant need less water but be cautious when extreme drought occurs. You may need to supplement the moisture they receive.

Besides watering with plain water, you can also add a solution containing nitrogen which helps the roots aerate and take in water better. Be sure to do a deep-root feeding at least once a year. Autumn is the ideal season to do this. The process involves injecting the roots with a deep-root feeder.

Add mulch to keep sensitive roots protected and to keep moisture in. A few inches of leaves or wood chips will do. If you live in an area where there are plenty of trees, this may be a step that takes care of itself since many fall leaves will be available to blanket the bases of the trees you own. You can also use pine needles to create a mulch. Let it rest around the root base and do not pack it too tightly.

Make certain you do regular prunings using pruning shears. Young trees need frequent pruning but older trees can get by with less pruning. Ask your local arborist to help with this especially for tall trees. Be sure that any branches that are getting tangled up in overhead wires are pruned as soon as possible. This can be a big hazard during a storm.

Keep your eyes out for any changes. When you know the types of trees that you own, you should also know the types of diseases or pests that commonly affect them. If you notice that there are holes in the leaves of that they are falling off prematurely, this is a sign the tree is becoming sick. At this point, it would be best to contact a tree service company firm in your local area to get helpful tips and more.

If the trunk’s bark is flaking or crumbling off, this could be due to pests or disease. Another sign to watch out for is what looks like black soot on the trunk. As soon as you notice any change, be sure to call your arborist. They can come to your home to inspect and diagnose the problems.

These are the simple steps you will want to take to keep your trees thriving. If you are not sure what to do about a particular tree, contact your local tree service. They have the expertise and the tools to help you. You may also want to get on a regular maintenance program with them so that a few times a year your trees get professional care.