The Best Arborist Advice To Know

An Arborist is basically a tree doctor or a surgeon. And therefore, if you are looking to have a healthy backyard tree, then it is wise to follow all arborist’s advice. On the other hand, it is paramount to note that appropriate tree care starts by choosing appropriate care options over the first few years. Did you know that the way you take care of a tree in its first years as a seedling will affect its lifespan, shape and also strength?

Well, below are the best arborist advice that you should know. This advice will help you strengthen your tree’s health as well as life.

The Do’s Of Tree Care

1. Prune Your Tree – It is important to prone your tree once in a while. However, when and how often is a still a hot debate. Nevertheless, one thing is certain; it is not wise to prune your tree during fall. This is because it will stimulate growth before the winter season. Also, this is the time when fungi, bacteria, and diseases spread.

2. Pests and tree Diseases – The more you learn about your tree, the better it is. As such, you should always keep an eye on any pest. Also, you should research to know if there is an outbreak in your area. You should also know the signs of a sick tree. This is the only way you can help keep the tree healthy.

3. Water your tree – This is a fact and most common thing people do. Watering is essential, and just like the way you do your lawn, trees also need water to grow. However, the only problem people do is overwater the tree. Overwatering may put the tree roots in danger of rotting or pest invasion. If you have any trouble or concerns you can visit this website that will show you the details at

4. Mulching around the tree – A Fort Worth professional arborist will tell you that mulching is a great way to promote the health of the tree. In other words, mulch can be your tree’s best friend if it is appropriately used. At the same time, avoid using too much mulch.

The Don’ts Of Tree Care

1. Pruning Often – You should never prune your tree often, and by this, I mean every season of the year. The best time to prune your tree is during spring. This way, you will stimulate growth at the right time. At the same time, it is wise to avoid big pruning cuts; otherwise, they will end up being injuries.

2. Do not allow your tree to get close to a power line – Having a tree growing close to a power ls hazardous. If by chance there is a horrible storm, you could definitely lose power and in the worst case scenario cause a fire. Remove or trim trees that are close to a power line.

3. Do not plant your trees close to each other – It is important to note that a tree root system is enormous. Therefore, if you place trees next to another, it will disrupt the healthy roots that are growing. Without healthy roots, the tree cannot be healthy and may even topple over.